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Are you looking for inspiration to increase your productivity, achieve your goals more effectively and take your self-management to the next level?

I offer tailor-made workshops and consulting services tailored precisely to your individual needs and challenges. As an engineer with experience in project and process management as well as in the areas of soft skills and change management, I am at your side as a trustworthy partner to help you overcome your individual challenges and achieve your goals.

My goal is to be at your side as a sparring partner and source of inspiration and to help you initiate and implement the necessary changes in order to be more successful in the long term. I look forward to working with you and supporting you on your path to success!

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Improve your work processes, get to know yourself and your way of working and thinking better. Work smarter, integrate methods, tools, technologies and habits effectively into your processes and achieve your goals faster and more effectively!

Let me advise you now on what an effective and long-lasting development strategy might look like for you and/or your organization.

Artificial intelligence and productivity

In today's society, where time and efficiency play an increasingly important role, productivity is a central concern. We all strive to achieve more in less time and to achieve the best out of ourselves and our processes. We can only do this by taking a comprehensive approach and using our own personality, methods and modern tools to our advantage.


In my opinion, there is no way around artificial intelligence. It's not a question of if, but how you want to work with it. I am convinced that ChatGPT and other AI-supported systems will continue to radically change the world of work and the reality of life.

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I invite you to get involved with this new technology, familiarize yourself with it and understand all the advantages and disadvantages. If you would like support with this, please contact me.

AI & ChatGPT?

Would you like to discuss the topic of AI in business? What are the potential use cases and how can they be used effectively? Feel free to contact me to find out about productivity and artificial intelligence in organizations.