With me you will get...

... Customized services and workshops designed to increase your productivity, achieve your goals more effectively and take your self-management to the next level. As an experienced all-rounder and expert for e.g. project management, lean and self-management, I am at your side as a trustworthy partner.


Corporate consulting

Are you facing complex challenges in your company and need an experienced consultant to accompany you on your path to success?

Together we can develop your customized productivity solution to overcome your individual challenges and achieve your goals.

Workshops & training courses

Would you and your team like to improve your skills and find innovative solutions to your challenges?

I offer you valuable impulses in customized workshops and accompany you during implementation. Through interactive formats, time for discussion and much more, you will gain new perspectives in an inspiring environment.

Business coaching

Would you like to work individually on specific topics to increase your own productivity? I support you in defining your individual goals and planning concrete steps to achieve them. I offer you an appreciative space to think and grow.

Just get to know me personally before you decide to work for me.

What would be helpful for you?

If you are not sure which offer best suits your needs, let me help you. Book an individual initial consultation to receive your productivity diagnosis Together we will find the best solution for your productivity goals.

What do I do?

I provide you and your organization with tailored and effective support because I understand your situation, needs, goals and expectations. During our task clarification, we work together to decide which form and which approach is best suited to you, your team and your organization.

Contact, getting to know each other, initial situation

We get to know each other and discuss the current situation and your challenges.


Description of objectives / clarification of the desired result

We work out your goal and clarify what you want to achieve.


Definition of content, format and methods

I will suggest modern and tailor-made solutions.

Implementation and progress monitoring

The planned measure is implemented and together we look at the effectiveness of the results.

Accountability partner, if applicable

If you wish, I will accompany the sustainability of the successfully completed measure with check-ups agreed together beforehand.

Discover your own customized productivity solution

If you are not sure which offer best suits your needs, let me help you. Click here to receive a personal consultation and book your productivity diagnosis. Together we will find the best solution for your productivity goals