I am Aleksandra Civric-Heim, the Creative Problem Solver

My mission is to support & guide you and your team/organization towards better productivity. I can do this either as a trainer and learning facilitator, particularly in the areas of change, business excellence, project management, process improvement and self-management, or as a consultant who can also provide you with active project support in certain phases.

As an engineer, I can draw on over 20 years of professional experience gained in technical industries, internationally as well as in various positions of responsibility. During this time, I have continued to develop my structured way of working and problem-solving skills and have proven them time and time again.

I have a positive attitude, empathy and appreciation as well as a solution-oriented way of working. I am always eager to contribute my analytical ability for quickly grasping complex relationships, my problem-solving skills and my enthusiasm to support you.

I would be happy to accompany you or your organization on the path to greater clarity, focus, self-efficacy and productivity – because not only will you benefit from me, but I will also learn from you!


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My story


I've done a lot of things over the course of my career. Specified and tested software parts of an aircraft. Trained and educated engineers in dual study programs. Established a Germany-wide training program. Trained clients to configure and use satellite modems. Led teams and was responsible for departments. Managed strategic projects in which difficult and complex decisions had to be made and tasks completed. Coached colleagues, improved processes and much more.

The common thread running through it all: no matter where I was - continually structuring and improving my work (and the work of my colleagues) - with the help of modern tools, imparting knowledge and, above all, motivating and engaging people in this change process. A very respected boss once said of me: "She always finds a way to solve problems and achieve the goal – and includes others in the process."


I love internationalism - I've lived in the USA and China and my parents' migration background means that I also grew up in a multicultural environment. I currently live with my husband near Frankfurt and am enjoying the balance between the virtual world (which connects me internationally) and the physical world where I meet and work with people in person.

One thing that particularly excites me at the moment is the emerging opportunities that the introduction of artificial intelligence will bring to our working and everyday lives. It's a bit like the feeling I had when my father brought the Commodore 64 into our living room. Or like when I used a then super-cool personal computer for my student research project (as one of only a few students in the early 90s). Now, more than 30 years later, I have a similar feeling when I see the exciting times we are living in from a technological point of view...


Selection of projects & references

Manager Operational Excellence
Promoting a continuous improvement process in the company, leading the OpEx team, program management for strategic change projects (e.g. corporate restructuring or the carve-out of a division)
ND SatCom GmbH, Immenstaad

HR/ Employee developer
Development and coordination of the employee development program for high potential employees, management of vocational training
M+W Zander Facility Management GmbH in Munich, Ottobrunn

System engineer
System integration Tornado
Airbus S.A.S. (fka EADS), Munich, Ottobrunn

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