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I attach a lot of importance to ensuring lasting results and always ask my clients for their feedback months after a measure has been completed. This client feedback is crucial for the continued development of my products and methods. I also focus on long-term and trusting client relationships.


Audrey Mouton

Group Quality Manager & Project Management | EUROFIT GROUP

Consulting project "Improvement of the project management guideline" | August 2022 - February 2024

"We engaged the services of Sandy to train our project managers on our existing procedure following APQP. However, during the preparation of the highly customized training, she went above and beyond, providing invaluable insights that led to an additional consultancy order.
Not only did Sandy help me streamline the procedural bureaucracy, but she also made significant improvements, e.g. introducing crucial project planning tools in the procedure, improving the way Risk Management is handled, adding more structure or introducing shareholder management. She meticulously reviewed, improved all related templates, and pimped our XLSs tools, significantly enhancing their effectiveness.
Furthermore, Sandy consulted our management team on effective sponsorship, demonstrating her flexibility and customer-oriented approach. As the individual responsible for the project management procedure, I am impressed by the remarkable transformation that Sandy has helped me to bring about. She has not only improved our procedures but also exceeded my expectations."

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Mark Anneveld

Seminar "Project Management following APQP"

November 2023

"After some years of project management experience I had the pleasure in June 2023 to learn a new method approach and saw it as an opportunity to freshen my skills up. The for me new method is meant for projects where at the end a product is produced.

Although my experience, Aleksandra challenged me with a pragmatic approach and has teached me some new interesting and efficient techniques. She is also open for feedback and there is openness for co-making.

That makes it a very powerfull and pleasant experience where time flies. I really recommend Aleksandra to help you to have professionalism and optimize your project management skills and approach. It will turn out to be very helpful."

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Dr. Andreas Reuter

Senior IP Counsel of a DAX company

Seminar "Leading ProjectTeams"

September 2023

"I really enjoyed both modules of the LPT and they helped me with my project management. Many thanks also for the one pager template for the status report, which is very well received by the steering committee. I also found the other tools, techniques and food for thought very helpful, especially the "Inner Team", "Coaching Attitude" and from Module 2 the "Tuckman Wheel", "Criticizing fairly", "Conflict Management (Harvard Method)" and "Escalation Management"


Charu Kapila

Seminar "Time and Self Management"

October 2022

"I was actually able to take the impulses from the seminar into my everyday life. The concept of the "brain dump" was a great help to me. I've been practising it since the day I got back to work from the training and have now successfully made it a habit ­čśŐ ... All in all, the time and self-management seminar was incredibly helpful and I've recommended it to my colleagues."

Mert Keser

Seminar "Time and Self Management"

October 2022

"I recently completed a Time and Self-Management course with Aleksandra Civric-Heim and couldn't be happier with the results! The trainer was very knowledgeable. The course was practical, engaging, and led to a significant boost in my productivity. Highly recommended for anyone looking to improve their time-management skills."

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Seminar "Time and Self Management"

October 2022

"Time and Self-Management seminar was impressive. I didnÔÇÖt expect much but I decided to give it a try, although being on a tight schedule. It was a time very well spent. The seminar is done in a very systematic, engaging and playful way. It gave me the tools to get myself organized and stay focused. This all resulted in having a realistic schedule, me feeling positive about planning my actions and eventually have a sense of control of my life goals. Before I didnÔÇÖt even know that I can reach that state of mind! Thank you Aleksandra!"


Authorization specialist SAP

DHIT "Work techniques and self-management in projects"

November 2021

"I found the training course and the one-on-one coaching sessions very enriching. Habits were questioned and help was given. These are now incorporated into my daily tasks and make my day-to-day work easier."


Leonhard FiIller

Seminar "Leading Project Teams"

September 2023

"The Leading Project Teams training course left many long-term impressions and gave me approaches that I still use today. The seminar had a good balance of theory and practice. The content was adapted to the participants as needed. A trusting environment was created in which everyone was motivated to get involved. This enabled very interesting and constructive discussions.

I have recommended the training to all colleagues and will continue to recommend it to new colleagues in the future."


Yigit Yukselen

Software developer at Continental ADC

Seminar "Time and Self Management"

June 2023

"As a Software Developer in Continental ADC, I participated Time and Self Management seminar of Aleksandra Civric-Heim. I must say that I enjoyed every minute of it. She prepared and presented every topic and managed the flow of the seminar perfectly. She listened to each one of us personally and helped if some of us needed her assistance in any topic other than the seminar's content (but still related in some manner) during the breaks and even after the seminar. Take-away messages from the seminar improved my working life and I see its effects in a daily basis. That's thanks to Aleksandra.

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Birgit Brom

Seminar "Time and Self Management"

October 2022

"I took the 'Time and Self Management Seminar' and was absolutely impressed. I learned a lot about my work personality and work style and how I can be more productive and when it is best to tackle the difficult tasks. I have been using the tools that I learned here every day since I got back from the training which is great.

The whole seminar was at all times organized, interesting, but still light and it was easy to stay focused all the time. I have recommended it to all my colleagues and should be a 'must' for everyone."


"Work techniques and self-management in projects"

October 2022

"Reflecting on myself (i.e. the content of the first day) brings me the most. So now I know that when I would be at my most productive, I have to break up my day (I take my son to kindergarten in the morning. That caused me a lot of difficulties, now I know why... I'm slowly getting there). I now consciously postpone tasks that require less concentration until after lunch, my least efficient time."

Commercial division manager of an energy company

In-house training course "Project management basics"

May 2022

"The participants gave very good feedback. This was mainly due to the fact that the workshop was tailored fairly precisely to the requirements and needs of the participants and was not "right off the rack". It was very clear that the coach had put a lot of time and thought into preparation and we really benefited from that. It was also very good that we were not "rushed" through the program, but were able to spend time where the trainer obviously hit a chord (e.g. in the slot "Leading without Formal Leadership Skills") and instead shortened less important parts for us."

Fabio Nell

Seminar "Work techniques and self-management in projects"

October 2022

"I really got a lot out of the training and I still use it regularly. For example, I now use Microsoft's To Do tool on a daily basis and I have structured my folders according to PARA both professionally and privately. I had the recommended 'wrap up' with my learning partner 3 months after the seminar... We have already arranged the next appointment for April and want to stay in touch."

Data entry manager of a software company

in the field of AI

"Self and project management" training

January 2022

"I have already applied lots of concepts from the workshop, and the risk assessment for projects was particularly helpful."

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