Productivity diagnosis: Discover your potential

During my solution-oriented initial consultation (approx. 45 minutes), you will gain valuable insights into your current situation and discover how you can increase productivity in your area. Even if you do not decide to work with me in the end, you will still benefit from a deeper understanding of your challenges and possible solutions. My aim is to show you a clear path towards achieving your productivity goals. Take advantage of the free consultation and discover the hidden potential of your organization!

Your productivity diagnosis in 3 steps:

Your appointment

Choose a date that suits you. Simply use the link below to go to the Microsoft booking calendar.

Your topic

Please leave me a few key points on your topic so that I can get in the right mindset for the consultation.

Your consultation

I analyze your productivity situation and optimization potential in order to determine effective and suitable approaches for increasing productivity.



Aleksandra Civric-Heim

Phone: +49 173 9390339
Address: Kastanienhain 24, 65812 Bad Soden